Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

buzz worthy: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
i was looking forward to watch this film when i first saw its trailer. but then i heard that it will not be shown in the Philippines because it did not do good on the US charts. so when i was able to get a copy of it, i then watched it and then poof, it became coco puffs, just kidding. here's my take on this film.

movie plot
the story is about a scott pilgrim (as what the title suggest), a 23 y/o band member who is dating a 17 y/o high school girl, knives. he then meets the girl of his dreams, ramona, and thus complications exists. to date ramona, scott must defeat all 7 evil exes who control ramona's lovelife.  that begins the video game battle and music inspired scenes which i really find awesome.

what i liked about this film?
 - music and video game combined! no need to say more..
 - great actors. michael cera plays scott pilgrim who does tell the puchlines seriously as if he's not kidding. there's some familiar actors here that i recognize such as johnny simmons who plays scott's bandmate, anna kendrick who plays scott's sister, mary elizabeth winstead as ramona, cris evans as one of the evil exes, brandon routh as another evil exes.
 - the storyline. it maybe the traditional love triangle story but what makes it different from others is the way it is presented, its a fast paced storyline filled with lots of eye popping graphics making you stuck to the screen.
 - the special effects/graphics. awesome! it really amazed me specially on the battle scene ala video game on an arcade versus mode.

i would recommend this film for gamers and music lovers, for young and those young at heart, and to all those who want to be, i do not know. just watch it and see :D
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