Saturday, April 24, 2010

jejemon craze

Dahil naglipana ang mga jejemons sa mga social networking site at pati na yata office namin ay nainvade na din, ito ang mga nakakatuwang marereseach mo sa internet kaka-google ng "what are jejemons".

1. Usually seen around social networking sites such as Friendster and Multiply, jejemons are individuals with low IQs who spread around their idiocy on the web by tYpFing LyK diZS jejejeje, making all people viewing their profile raise their eyebrows out of annoyance. Normal people like you and me must take a Bachelor of Arts in Jejetyping in order to understand said individuals, as deciphering their text would cause a lot of frustration and hair pulling.

2. Jejemons are not just confined to trying-hard Filipino gangsters and emos. A Jejemon can also include a variety of Latino-Hispanic fags who enjoy typing "jejejejeje" in a wider context, much to the disdain of their opponents in an internet MMORPG game such as Ragnarok andn DOTA.

3. Basically anyone with a low tolerance in correct punctuation, syntax and grammar. Jejemons are usually hated or hunted down by Jejebusters or the Grammar Nazis to eradicate their grammatical ways.

Jejemon - is basically a variation of homo sapiens sub-species Jeje that originates in the Asia-Pacific island nation the Philippines.
Jejes - are the pure and original form and is claimed to have originated in what we know today as Latin America.
Jejemonus Filiponensis - Jejemons' scientific name
Jejebet - is a combination of the English alphabet and counting numbers which, in a strange mix of character substitution, surprisingly makes words that are understandable only to the Jejes and Jejeologists
Jejeologists - normal people that study Jejemons
Jejeientists - normal people that study Jeje sciences
Jejebusters - normal people that act to eradicate the Jejemon population, also known as Grammar Nazis
Jejenism - the Jejemon religion; not to be confused with Jejemonism
Jejemonism - the belief that Jejemons are superior than normal people
Jejenese language - speaking language of Jejemons together with the Jejebet

HAVE YOU RECEIVED A text message like this: “Eow PowZ, mUsZtAh nHa?” If so, most likely you’ve had a “Jejemon” experience. It isn’t a new breed of Pokemon that Ash and Misty have found. This terminology has been popping up everywhere even in Facebook.

The Jejenese is not just confined to Pinoy Jejemons. Just before I wrote this, I played “Warcraft” and found a European opponent who enjoys typing “jejejeje” in a very wide context, much to my disdain as he sabotages my online quests. Another group of foreign Jejemons, although their Jejemonism seems so trivial to actually classify them as Jejemons, are the Thais who type “hahaha” this way: “5555.”

You will see a lot of these in your Thai friend’s Facebook status messages. Since, the number 5 translates to “ha” in Thai, as explained by my friend Pakorn Dokmai. I’m sure many of you have personal encounters with other foreign Jejemons, be in Manila or abroad. So we can assume that Jejemon is a worldwide phenomenon.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Anawangin Adventure

matapos ang isang buwang pagpaplano, mga papalit-palit na locations, mga meetings na walang napatutunguhan, at walang humpay na kalokohan, ay naidaos din ang minimithing outing. reunion ito dapat ngunit sa kokonti lang ang nagconfirm at marami ang nagback-out at ang iba nama'y walang pakialam, hehe... kahit aanim lang kami ay tuloy pa din ang ligaya, the show will go on :)

destination: Anawangin island, Zambales
dahil sa maraming magandang summer places sa pinas, ay inabot ng ilang linggo ang pagdedesisyon kung saan kami magbabakasyon. nasuggest nga ang Anawangin dahil maganda ang lugar at mura lang ang magagastos dito. marami na rin akong nairinig na magagandang feedback tungkol sa Anawangin Island at napatunayan naman ito ng kami'y makarating doon. the best ang beach, kahit hindi white sand ay pwedeng pwede na. napakalinaw ng tubig at sarap magbabad sa beach. yun nga lang, mabato dito kahit na sa dalampasigan. kaya ang resulta ng kakalangoy dito, tatlong malalalim na sugat sa talampakan.

how to get there?
napagdesisyunan na friday night kami aalis pero puno na ang 11:30pm na last trip ng Victory Liner bus sa Caloocan terminal. lumipat kami sa Cubao terminal at same situation. ganun daw talaga pagweekends, madaming byahero. meron namang rent-a-van na 12-14 seaters ngunit holdaper naman ang driver. 5K para sa one-way ride to San Antonio, Zambales na kung sa bus ay 200php lang per head. pinatos na namin ang van dahil no choice na din kami at sakto namang may nakikila kaming grupo na naiwanan din ng bus to Zambales na siyang naging kahati namin sa van. mula sa bayan ng San Antonio ay kailangan magtricycle papuntang Pundaquit kung saan nandoon din ang aming napiling resort. nakatipid kami sa trike ride na worth 40php per head dahil hanggang sa mismong resort kami hinatid ng van. mula doon ay isang boat ride na lang papuntang Anawangin Cove which is 200 per head at contact na ng resort ang bangkero. me deal pa nga ang bangkero, 350php for an island tour na 3 island lang ang mapupuntahan.

jimz beach resort
since summer at peak season na sa mga hotels/resorts, kailangan may reservations ka na sa iyong patutunguhan dahil siguradong fully booked ang mga ganitong establishments at pagdating sa pagrereserve, ang internet ang makakatulong mo dito. sa inaakalang marami ang makakasama, we reserved a room for 8-10 pax na P4000 lang ngunit salamat sa mga nagback-out, hindi na sana kami ng rent ng room at nagcamp-out na lang sa Anawangin. buti na lang nag-agree c kuya toots (may-ari yata ng jimz resort) na idowngrade ang aming room na pang 4-6 person for 2500php at aircon ito, nagpadagdag na lang ng 300php making it P2800 for our room accomodation. the room has its own bathroom tapos meron lang common kitchen na share ng katabing room at ihawan. hindi pala beachfront ang nasabing resort at mga 50 steps pa away from the beach.

food budget
we alloted 500php per head para sa food namin for this outing since saturday til sunday morning lang naman ay sigurong kakasya na ang 3K for 6 persons. and each of us needs to bring in something for this event para less gastos na din at alak ang nakatoka sa akin. mura lang ang bilihin sa palengke ng San Antonio at walang pang 1K ang nagastos namin sa fish, chicken, etc for our lunch and dinner. hindi included dito ang 5kilos of rice na meron pang naiwan pag-uwi pati na ang cooked adobo na galing pa sa manila. all in all, 2K lang ang nagastos namin for the food.

to wrap things up, out-of-town trips pa di ang the best na stress-reliever. lalo na ang nakakarelax na beach at ang sarap ng sariwang hangin na ibang iba sa manila, iba talaga ang nature. isama mo pa ang gulo at saya ng barkada. nothing beats the good times

Friday, April 9, 2010

excerpts from a high school paper

so unreal,
so untrue,
this is just to good to be true.
wish i knew,
wish i found out,
that its just a dream
and i need to wake up.
did you even care,
did you even saw,
all of my efforts
just to be with you.
should came with a warning,
should seen the signs,
of all the sweet lies
and those fake smiles.
is it just a game,
is it just a ploy,
in which i keep fighting
and losing in the end.
why so quick,
why so sudden,
why does it have
to end up like this.
now i must go,
now i must move on,
leaving all behind
the 91 days of you.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a day of Titans and weird-named-gods...

It was almost the end of my shift where my friends and I decided to do something for the weekend. Even if its still a Black Saturday, working people need time to relax and chill from a week long work. Yes, I am still working even on a holiday which is one of the benefits of my very rewarding work. Also, malls are now opened since they closed out for the Holy Week. Nice. :)

Its the first showing day of the CLASH OF THE TITANS movie in the Philippines. We therefore agreed to watch that film since we heard that is one of the "movies to watched for". We then proceed to Eastwood Mall Libis, just a few steps away from our office, to buy tickets but the 3pm slot were already sold-out so we end up watching the 3:50pm slot.

On with the movie. Clash of the Titans is about Perseus' life and his adventures in finding ways on how he can defeat the Kraken. Perseus was played by Sam Worthington who is also the lead actor in the movie Avatar. The movie started with a brief introduction on how the Olympians came to be the most powerful gods. Then begins on how the baby Perseus was saved by a fisherman and how he was raised as a simple son of a fisherman. Years later, when Perseus' family went fishing, they saw a group of soldiers destroying a gigantic Zeus statue. This means that the humans are declaring war to the gods because they think that they are more powerful than the gods and is tired of praising them. Hades, the god of the underworld, kills most of those soldiers and destroyed the boat where Perseus and his family were, resulting to the death of Perseus' family. This event made Perseus wanting to avenge his family and kill Hades. The surviving soldiers found Perseus and they bought him back with them to Argos. This starts the journey of Perseus and in seeking revenge for his family and eventually, finding out who he really is. End of my plot, you have to watch the movie to know what happens next and how he defeats Hades' creature, the Kraken.

NOTE: Movie poster taken from wikipedia(

My take on the movie, over-all it was good but not that great because I am expecting more from the film. I'm not sure what it is I'm really looking for but there isn't no such impact on me after seeing the movie. Same goes with my friends whom I watched the movie with, they also find the film not that amusing. Knowing Zeus and the other Gods again made me think of my high school Mythology class where we need to memorize those weird names of gods who married with another weird name and whose sons and daughters also has weird names, sometimes longer weird names. The movie was a remake of the 1981 film of the same name, as what I had researched (yes, I did some research on this to remind me of the story and those weird god names). I haven't seen that 1981 film, I wasn't even born on that year, so I really don't know the difference between the two and their story lines.

The Clash of the Titans' story is somewhat similar with the Percy Jackson movie, an adventure filled journey into a world on creatures and monster that the lead actor needs to fight with. The special effects, costumes and designs are great, as expected in Hollywood movies, as well as the fight scenes. The movie really showed how the ancient times looks like and the scenery are very very nice and appealing to the eyes, specially the city of Argos and the place where the gigantic Zeus statue stands. For me, I would rate this movie 8 out of 10 and will recommend it to other movie goers who wants action, adventure and weird-named-Gods. Note that this is just my opinion, just watch the movie and see for yourself. Enjoy!

Friday, April 2, 2010

first BLOG!

the thing called blog...

walang magawa, walang maisip, walang gustong gawin, wala, wala, wala..
ang mga nabanggit ay ilan sa mga dahilan kung bakit ko naisipan gawin ang blog entry na ito. matagal ko na din ninanais mag-blog dala ng pambubuyo ng aking mga kaofficemates na adik na adik sa blog at certified bully. ngunit, paano ko nga ba sisimulan ang aking blog? ano ang mga nilalaman nito? ano ba dapat ang i-blog ko?

first things first ay una: name..
dapat catchy at me dating. sa dinami-dami ng naisip kong pangalan ng aking blog e ito ang kinahantungan. parang walang dating, hindi din catchy at lalong hindi napag-isipan. dulot yata ito ng puyat o sadyang ganun lang ako mag-isip dahil mahal na araw ngayon.
TRIVIA: ang blog na ito ay nasimulan ng april 2, 2010 na kasalukuyang biyernes santo sa pinas.

next, susunod: nilalaman
dapat nga namang meron laman ang aking blog pero ang tanong, ano? sino? saan? kelan? paano? puro mga tanong na hindi ko naman alam ang sagot. ganito na lang siguro, ang nilalaman ng aking blog ay wala! bahala na ang mga masugid na mambabasa (kung meron man) na umunawa sa kung ano man ang kanilang mababasa dito, anything goes nga daw. dapat pala me warning sign dito, yung tipong 'park at your own risk'.

isang buong araw (kasabay ng aking trabaho) ang nagamit ko upang masimulan ang kauna-unahang blog entry na ito. hindi pa nga ako makapagdecide kung pure english o pure tagalog ang gagawin ko kaya anong petsa na ng masimulan ko 'to. ang resulta, taglish. e sa trip kong gawing taglish, walang basagan ng trip. saka, ano nga ba sa tagalog ang salitang "blog"? sa tingin ko e ginamit ko lang ang paraan kung saan ko maipapahayag kung ano man ang gumagambala sa malikot kong utak.

tingin ko e responsibilidad ko ng magbuo ng blog everyday o di kaya every week. un para bang kailangan mong magluto dahil me naghihintay kumain sa iyong cafe world o di kaya e kailangan mong magtanim para meron kang aanihin sa farmville. ganun ako dapat kadedicated sa pagmemaintain nitong blogsite ko. kung gaano ako kaactive magcomment sa facebook, e sana ganun din ako sa blog na 'to para halos araw-araw ay meron daily blog entry ako. sana nga! wish me luck or better yet more money na lang.

bating pangwakas.. nawa'y hindi nyo na mapansin ang mali-mali kong spelling at grammar sa blogsite na ito. wala din capitalization at sobrang informal ang kinalabasan (inuulit ko, walang basagan ng trip). paunawa po lamang dahil hindi pa naman ako dalubhasa sa pagsusulat at wala pa akong award winning novel.
kaya sa mga susunod ko pang blog entry ay dahan-dahan naman sa paghuhusga dahil hindi pa end of the world.