Friday, April 9, 2010

excerpts from a high school paper

so unreal,
so untrue,
this is just to good to be true.
wish i knew,
wish i found out,
that its just a dream
and i need to wake up.
did you even care,
did you even saw,
all of my efforts
just to be with you.
should came with a warning,
should seen the signs,
of all the sweet lies
and those fake smiles.
is it just a game,
is it just a ploy,
in which i keep fighting
and losing in the end.
why so quick,
why so sudden,
why does it have
to end up like this.
now i must go,
now i must move on,
leaving all behind
the 91 days of you.


  1. Awwwe. So sad. 91 days. :(
    Mine was 469. Hahaha. Ampanget nun.

  2. buti nga mas mahaba-habang pagsasama un sayo. anyways, past na yan. move on na tayo dyan :)