Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grown Ups

"play life just like you play that game today so when that final buzzer of life goes off, you'll have no regrets" - Coach Buzzer.
GROWN UPS, a hilarious comedy film about friends, family and life.

the movie started when five friends win their basketball game with the help of their coach, it was at their celebration party when coach said the inspirational line above. 30 years after, each living their own separate lives, they learned that their loved coach has passed away. together with their own families, they were reunited together at the coach's funeral. watch out for the funny comments they exchange as they saw one another. i also laugh hard at Rob Schneider's Ave Maria song. Lenny (Adam Sandler) rent a lake house in which they all spend the 4th of July together. There starts the chaos and fun of five families living under one roof, reminiscing the bond of good old friends, and spending quality time with their own families.

my take on the film: a wacky, laugh out riot when you combine an all star comedy actors which includes Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider, that gives life to each individual characters that they portray. not only that it tickles your funny bone, this film also has moral values and i must say that its family oriented as well. i do love how this film bring on the concept of how kids of today's generation are into computers and technology that they forgot how to have fun just like the good old times.

this is a must see movie for those who doesn't remember how their laugh sounds. i would promise you that you'll enjoy this film with all the funny puchlines, great actors and cool relaxing setting.  have fun!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Last Airbender

in a divided world where the fire nation is at war against the earth kingdom, water tribes and air nomads; a young boy is set to find his path to become the avatar (narrated in a deep voice with sound effects at the end of the sentence). what a nice opening spiel for this movie.hehehe.. just watched The Last Airbender and here's my review on it.

the movie plot. narrated by a water bender, katara who lives in the southern water tribe, it started on how they free aang, an airbender, and the gigantic out of this world creature as well as the name so i forgot what it is. zuko, the prince of the fire nation saw the sign of how they unfreeze aang from a frozen iceberg and immediately went to the water tribe with his soldiers. there they find aang and take him with them. on zuko's ship, they discovered that aang is the last airbender and the avatar, the one that can bend all elements. they want to keep aang because zuko is being exiled by his father unless he finds the avatar. with this, aang escapes and was also rescued by katara and his brother whom have been told by their grandmother that aang maybe the avatar. since aang only knows how to bend air, he must train to bend the other elements: water, earth and fire. this started their journey to the northern water tribe to seek help. do watch the film for the complete story, don't want to be a spoiler :D

the film was based on the hit animated tv series 'avatar: the last airbender'. i just watched one episode of it and that really is a good cartoon series. my loss since i did not find time to watch all the episodes. with regard to the special effects, hollywood film never fails to amaze me. you'll find awesome effects on this film specially when they bend the water, fire and soil. fight scenes are also good. there are a lot of martial arts and those taichi-yoga stuff (dunno how to call it) that you'll see on parks where an elderly sways his arms and do awkward positions. loved the stop-slowmo-play-freeze motion of aang during the battle on the northern water tribe.

i did heard some bad reviews on this film and some of my friends who watched it did not like it either. it was not that bad though its not that good as well. what i look at it is that its a children's movie and not for young adults or literally adults. i think they are expecting more from this film which the movie fails to give because for me, this movie turns out to be just for kids; a simple story, young actors, cuddly gigantic out of this world creatures, no gory fight scenes, etc. as the animated series is for kids, then this film is also for kids. enjoy :)

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


puyat sa movie marathon.. a movie about toys, as what the title implies. sabi nila nakakaiyak itong film na 'to so i was eager to watch it kung iiyak din ba ako. backtrack muna tayo sa una at pangalawang film dahil hindi mabubuo ng 3 kung wala ang 1 at 2.

Buzz Lightyear was first introduced as an addition to Andy's toys in Toy Story 1. His presence is taken as a threat by Woody (a cowboy toy) on who will be the favorite toy of them all because Buzz is more equiped with action features rather than him being a plain old doll. tama ba ang pagkakarecall ko? wala kasi akong matandaan sa unang film. panoorin ninyo na lang ulet kasi papanoorin ko na lang din :D

the sequel, Toy Story 2, is about how Woody was saved from a doll collector who wants to sell him and be put in a museum. Buzz, together with the other toys, went on an adventure filled with fun in rescuing their friend. Jessie, a cowgirl toy, is introduced in this film. i would say that the sequel is better than the first one kasi naman hindi ko na matandaan un story nun first film unlike the second one where i could remember some funny scenes.

Toy Story 1 was shown on 1995 while the sequel was on 1999. siguro isa yun sa dahilan kung bakit nakalimutan ko agad yung first film dahil 3 years after nasundan. Toy Story 3 was made this year and with today's technology, i must say that the animation is far better than the others.

on with the movie plot: in Toy Story 3, Andy is going to college and needs to decide what to do with his old toys, either to dump them or be stocked in the attic.
          (place movie plot here)

.....tinamad nanaman magkwento, puyat kasi ako, excuses, hehehe.. basta panoorin nyo na lang to know what happened and to be entertained as well dahil they never forget to put in a good humor that will keep you laughing as what the first and the sequel does.

lesson learned: learned to let go and moved on. watched out for the last scene of the film dahil heart-warming nga talaga. hindi naman din kasi madaling bitawan ang mga bagay na napalapit na sayo, kahit simpleng bagay na naging parte ng buhay mo. kung ganun na lang ang feelings ng mga toys, what more pa kaya kung taong mahal mo ang nawala. (Shift + End + Delete) kailangan burahin dahil umaatake ang pagging emo.

my take on this film: a movie to watch with your kids, dahil animated film ito at magugustuhan ng mga kids kasi nga tungkol sa mga toys. but its for the young at heart din so pasok pa din ako dito. seriously, i like the storyline, on the way the movie progress. plus it never failes to tickle my funny bone. recommended for someone who doesn't let go. enjoy and have a good laugh at the movie house :D

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Monday, July 12, 2010


puyat sa movie marathon.. another movie review on a recent film that i watched, wag nyo ng tanungin kung saan basta kakapanood ko lang nito.

the KILLERS is about an agent who settles down when he met his love in the romatic setting of France. ang cheesy nung line na 'yun kasi naman romatic film pala ito na hinaluan ng action at konting comedy. tuloy sa movie plot: after 3 years of a normal married life, Spencer (Ashton Kutcher) was contacted by his old boss but did not want to become an assassin again and ruin his normal married life with Jen (Katherine Heigl) who doesn't even know that his old work. this started the plot to hunt down and kill Spencer by the Killers (queue the fight scenes with Spencer's workmates, neighbors and people that they know) and eventually exposing his real job to Jen and ending up the film with a revelation of whoever wants Spencer dead and the real truth on their lives.
...and they lived happily ever after :)

my take on this film, 7.5 out of 10 because the whole movie itself is quite good. it does have an easy and simple storyline, hindi sobrang complicated ang takbo ng movie. a good choice of background music (loved the 'just say yes' soundtrack). i known ashton thru comedy films and this one is not entirely a comedy film, pede din pala siya sa serious roles. katherine hiegl still is the sweetest thing, pa-tweetums kasi ang role nya dito just like '27 dresses'. so, sa mga stressed at gustong marelax, pede na sa inyo 'tong movie. very light lang din kasi ang fight scenes at walang bloodshed or violence na makakadagdag sa stressful mong utak, hehe..Enjoy!

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ECLIPSE: the twilight saga

Just recently watched "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" last weekend and i must say that its another teen flick. I may not be a twilight fanatic but i did enjoy some of the scenes in this film.

a lil' bit of history

The first movie was "Twilight" in which I was eager to watch because of the movie's trailer and that I am into the horror and suspense genre. At the end of the movie, I didn't really liked it because it does not meet my expectation. I was hoping for blood and those vampire stuff but the movie focuses on the romance between Edward and Bella making it a romantic film rather that those horror/suspense. Later did i know that its a fil, adaptation of a book with the same title by Stephanie Meyer which really focuses on the lovestory of the two main casts. The movie is about how the two lovebirds get to know each other and fall in love though their indifferences.

The second installment was "New Moon". as expected, another romatic teen flick. It was more entertaining in the book than the movie as what my sister says for she did not enjoyed the film and quoted that some important scenes did not make it to the film.

the third installment

The Eclipse's plot revolves around a revengeful vampire that is setting up a soldier of new born vampires to kill the Bella and the Cullens. Mortal enemies, the Cullens and Jacob's pack, formed an alliance to protect Bella. Another interesting part of this movie is the love triangle between Edward, Bella and the persistent Jacob. Its comical on how Jacob still insist his undying love for Bella eventhough she already choose Edward.
The "I'm hotter than you" Jacob line makes the movie house filled with laughs. Its the scene where they camp out for safety on a cold mountain making it look like 'Brokeback Mountain' set-up.
The morning after, the setting looks like a scene from Narnia, a snow covered mountain with a big bad wolf :D
"Bella's a bitch!" a convicting shout heard on the movie house when Bella kissed Jacob at that Narnia setting eventhough she's engaged with Edward :D

My take on this movie, "Not another teen flick". I'm sure that teenagers in love, out-of-love, hoping for love, and other phrase that has the word love, will surely like this film and will even more be bitten by the Twilight craze. If you're into cheesy pick-up lines, romatic candlelight dinner, and long walks on the beach, then this is the movie suited for you. Enjoy cuddling up with your movie seatmate.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

NOY-BI Inaguration

puyat kaya late ng naiblog ang paksang ito..

dahil sa ako ay isang pinoy, kailangan kong gawan ng blog ang makasaysayang pangyayaring ito. June 30, 2010 ng magkaroon ng bagong presidente ang pinas. namumpa bilang ika-15 na presidente si Noynoy Aquino. kasabay niyang nanumpa bilang bise presidente si Jejomar Binay.

kahit na dineklarang walang pasok nun araw na iyon, meron pa din akong pasok dahil mahal ko ang aking trabaho kaya hindi ko napanood ang mismong inagurasyon dahil kasaluyang nagtra-trabaho ako. tama, workaholic ako at gustong-gusto ko ang trabaho ko (pati sarili ko binobola ko na, hahahaha). wala akong napanood kaya wala akong kumento dito :D

sa balita sa TV ko lang nalaman ang lahat ng detalye ukol sa ating paksa: na naging simple ang okasyon (akala ko ito na ang bongang inagurasyon sa pinas dahil sa napakabusising preparasyon mula sa damit na susuotin hanggang sa gastos ng pagpapaganda ng lugar na pagdadausan), na huli dumating si binay (ang depensa niya, nauna lang si Noynoy), na sinusundo pala ng nakaupong presidente ng papalitan nito (ngayon ko lang nalaman na may ganito pala), na mayroon celebration concert si Noynoy sa QC circle (daming artista ang naging parte nito), at hindi dumalo si James Yap (showbiz!). marami pang ibang detalye ng inagurasyon ngunit ang mga nabanggit lang ang aking natandaan, pramis..

so far so good, yan ang masasabi kay Noynoy. kahit na mayroon maling memorandum sa unang araw ng kanyang pamamahala ay naiayos naman ito agad. apat na araw pa lang naman ang nakakalipas, tingin ko ay aayos din ang pinas sa ilalim ng pamumuno ni Noynoy. kahit na hindi siya ang binoto ko noong eleksyon (kay Gordon kasi ang boto ko), naniniwala pa din ako sa kakayanan niya at aahon pa din ang pinas (*cross-fingers*).

Saturday, July 3, 2010

ang pagbabalik...

dahil sa sobrang puyat, isang buwan namahinga ang blogginpuyat.

ngayong nagising na, humanda na kayo..
dahil ako ay antok pa at baka matulog lang ulet. hahaha..

stay tuned for another serving of useful nonsense :D