Tuesday, July 13, 2010


puyat sa movie marathon.. a movie about toys, as what the title implies. sabi nila nakakaiyak itong film na 'to so i was eager to watch it kung iiyak din ba ako. backtrack muna tayo sa una at pangalawang film dahil hindi mabubuo ng 3 kung wala ang 1 at 2.

Buzz Lightyear was first introduced as an addition to Andy's toys in Toy Story 1. His presence is taken as a threat by Woody (a cowboy toy) on who will be the favorite toy of them all because Buzz is more equiped with action features rather than him being a plain old doll. tama ba ang pagkakarecall ko? wala kasi akong matandaan sa unang film. panoorin ninyo na lang ulet kasi papanoorin ko na lang din :D

the sequel, Toy Story 2, is about how Woody was saved from a doll collector who wants to sell him and be put in a museum. Buzz, together with the other toys, went on an adventure filled with fun in rescuing their friend. Jessie, a cowgirl toy, is introduced in this film. i would say that the sequel is better than the first one kasi naman hindi ko na matandaan un story nun first film unlike the second one where i could remember some funny scenes.

Toy Story 1 was shown on 1995 while the sequel was on 1999. siguro isa yun sa dahilan kung bakit nakalimutan ko agad yung first film dahil 3 years after nasundan. Toy Story 3 was made this year and with today's technology, i must say that the animation is far better than the others.

on with the movie plot: in Toy Story 3, Andy is going to college and needs to decide what to do with his old toys, either to dump them or be stocked in the attic.
          (place movie plot here)

.....tinamad nanaman magkwento, puyat kasi ako, excuses, hehehe.. basta panoorin nyo na lang to know what happened and to be entertained as well dahil they never forget to put in a good humor that will keep you laughing as what the first and the sequel does.

lesson learned: learned to let go and moved on. watched out for the last scene of the film dahil heart-warming nga talaga. hindi naman din kasi madaling bitawan ang mga bagay na napalapit na sayo, kahit simpleng bagay na naging parte ng buhay mo. kung ganun na lang ang feelings ng mga toys, what more pa kaya kung taong mahal mo ang nawala. (Shift + End + Delete) kailangan burahin dahil umaatake ang pagging emo.

my take on this film: a movie to watch with your kids, dahil animated film ito at magugustuhan ng mga kids kasi nga tungkol sa mga toys. but its for the young at heart din so pasok pa din ako dito. seriously, i like the storyline, on the way the movie progress. plus it never failes to tickle my funny bone. recommended for someone who doesn't let go. enjoy and have a good laugh at the movie house :D

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  2. hahaha, ndi tambay sa sinehan yan, tambay sa cube :D more blogs to go, hehehe