Monday, July 26, 2010

The Last Airbender

in a divided world where the fire nation is at war against the earth kingdom, water tribes and air nomads; a young boy is set to find his path to become the avatar (narrated in a deep voice with sound effects at the end of the sentence). what a nice opening spiel for this movie.hehehe.. just watched The Last Airbender and here's my review on it.

the movie plot. narrated by a water bender, katara who lives in the southern water tribe, it started on how they free aang, an airbender, and the gigantic out of this world creature as well as the name so i forgot what it is. zuko, the prince of the fire nation saw the sign of how they unfreeze aang from a frozen iceberg and immediately went to the water tribe with his soldiers. there they find aang and take him with them. on zuko's ship, they discovered that aang is the last airbender and the avatar, the one that can bend all elements. they want to keep aang because zuko is being exiled by his father unless he finds the avatar. with this, aang escapes and was also rescued by katara and his brother whom have been told by their grandmother that aang maybe the avatar. since aang only knows how to bend air, he must train to bend the other elements: water, earth and fire. this started their journey to the northern water tribe to seek help. do watch the film for the complete story, don't want to be a spoiler :D

the film was based on the hit animated tv series 'avatar: the last airbender'. i just watched one episode of it and that really is a good cartoon series. my loss since i did not find time to watch all the episodes. with regard to the special effects, hollywood film never fails to amaze me. you'll find awesome effects on this film specially when they bend the water, fire and soil. fight scenes are also good. there are a lot of martial arts and those taichi-yoga stuff (dunno how to call it) that you'll see on parks where an elderly sways his arms and do awkward positions. loved the stop-slowmo-play-freeze motion of aang during the battle on the northern water tribe.

i did heard some bad reviews on this film and some of my friends who watched it did not like it either. it was not that bad though its not that good as well. what i look at it is that its a children's movie and not for young adults or literally adults. i think they are expecting more from this film which the movie fails to give because for me, this movie turns out to be just for kids; a simple story, young actors, cuddly gigantic out of this world creatures, no gory fight scenes, etc. as the animated series is for kids, then this film is also for kids. enjoy :)

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