Monday, July 12, 2010


puyat sa movie marathon.. another movie review on a recent film that i watched, wag nyo ng tanungin kung saan basta kakapanood ko lang nito.

the KILLERS is about an agent who settles down when he met his love in the romatic setting of France. ang cheesy nung line na 'yun kasi naman romatic film pala ito na hinaluan ng action at konting comedy. tuloy sa movie plot: after 3 years of a normal married life, Spencer (Ashton Kutcher) was contacted by his old boss but did not want to become an assassin again and ruin his normal married life with Jen (Katherine Heigl) who doesn't even know that his old work. this started the plot to hunt down and kill Spencer by the Killers (queue the fight scenes with Spencer's workmates, neighbors and people that they know) and eventually exposing his real job to Jen and ending up the film with a revelation of whoever wants Spencer dead and the real truth on their lives.
...and they lived happily ever after :)

my take on this film, 7.5 out of 10 because the whole movie itself is quite good. it does have an easy and simple storyline, hindi sobrang complicated ang takbo ng movie. a good choice of background music (loved the 'just say yes' soundtrack). i known ashton thru comedy films and this one is not entirely a comedy film, pede din pala siya sa serious roles. katherine hiegl still is the sweetest thing, pa-tweetums kasi ang role nya dito just like '27 dresses'. so, sa mga stressed at gustong marelax, pede na sa inyo 'tong movie. very light lang din kasi ang fight scenes at walang bloodshed or violence na makakadagdag sa stressful mong utak, hehe..Enjoy!

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