Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ECLIPSE: the twilight saga

Just recently watched "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" last weekend and i must say that its another teen flick. I may not be a twilight fanatic but i did enjoy some of the scenes in this film.

a lil' bit of history

The first movie was "Twilight" in which I was eager to watch because of the movie's trailer and that I am into the horror and suspense genre. At the end of the movie, I didn't really liked it because it does not meet my expectation. I was hoping for blood and those vampire stuff but the movie focuses on the romance between Edward and Bella making it a romantic film rather that those horror/suspense. Later did i know that its a fil, adaptation of a book with the same title by Stephanie Meyer which really focuses on the lovestory of the two main casts. The movie is about how the two lovebirds get to know each other and fall in love though their indifferences.

The second installment was "New Moon". as expected, another romatic teen flick. It was more entertaining in the book than the movie as what my sister says for she did not enjoyed the film and quoted that some important scenes did not make it to the film.

the third installment

The Eclipse's plot revolves around a revengeful vampire that is setting up a soldier of new born vampires to kill the Bella and the Cullens. Mortal enemies, the Cullens and Jacob's pack, formed an alliance to protect Bella. Another interesting part of this movie is the love triangle between Edward, Bella and the persistent Jacob. Its comical on how Jacob still insist his undying love for Bella eventhough she already choose Edward.
The "I'm hotter than you" Jacob line makes the movie house filled with laughs. Its the scene where they camp out for safety on a cold mountain making it look like 'Brokeback Mountain' set-up.
The morning after, the setting looks like a scene from Narnia, a snow covered mountain with a big bad wolf :D
"Bella's a bitch!" a convicting shout heard on the movie house when Bella kissed Jacob at that Narnia setting eventhough she's engaged with Edward :D

My take on this movie, "Not another teen flick". I'm sure that teenagers in love, out-of-love, hoping for love, and other phrase that has the word love, will surely like this film and will even more be bitten by the Twilight craze. If you're into cheesy pick-up lines, romatic candlelight dinner, and long walks on the beach, then this is the movie suited for you. Enjoy cuddling up with your movie seatmate.

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