Wednesday, September 29, 2010

fave movie soundtrack

kabalikat ng movie ay ang music kaya naman heto ang listahan ng mga paborito kong movie soundtracks in no particular order :D

1. iris by the goo goo dolls - city of angels
2. stop crying your heart out by oasis - the butterfly effect

3. secrets by one republic - the sorcerer's apprentice

4. step up 2: the streets (soundtrack) - lahat ng music dito ay mapapasayaw ka talaga

5. decode by paramore - twilight OST

6. what i've done by linkin park - transformers

7. grow old with you by adam sandler - the wedding singer 

8.  way back into love by haley bennett and hugh grant - music and lyrics

9. the distance by evan and jaron - serendipity

10. i don't want to miss a thing by aerosmith - armageddon

11. alice by avril lavigne - alice in wonderland (2010)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

fave horror/thiller movies

mas marami akong napanood na horror films ito ang fave kong genre ng movies dahil sa mga sigawan, habulan at patayan, bwaahaahaa.. so here's round two of the horror movies i like, exclude na yung mga slasher films.

1. the hills have eyes - isang vacation turned out to be a nightmare wherein a group of mutated people na parang cannibal sa sobrang pagpatay sa naligaw na family sa kanilang teritory.

2. jeepers creepers - a living scarecrow scaring the two siblings passing by a town at nasundan ng sequel kung saan isang bus ng teenage student naman ang biniktima ng scarecrow na ito.

3. final destination -  cheating death is what this film is about. astig ang concept ng movie na ito at kahit walang pumapatay na nilalang ay gagawa pa din ng paraan si kamatayan to bring you to the grave. sa sobrang hit ng film na ito ay umabot na ng 4 installments at the fifth one is now in the making.

4. child's play - ang napakapangit at napakasamang doll. nakakatuwang panoorin na manika lang ang kalaban pero nakakapatay pa din.

5. from dusk till dawn - battle against blood sucking vampires. ngayon ko lang napagtanto na si george clooney pala ang bida dito, bata ba kasi ako when i first so it so kailangang panoorin ulet.

6. exorcism of emily rose - suspense in all the right places. sobrang creepy ang scenes kung saan marami ang sumapi kay emily.

7. wrong turn - same concept ng the hills have eyes but diffent antagonist na mala-tarzan sa paglipat-lipat sa matataas na puno. stars elisha dusku (hope i got her name right) 

8. poltergeist - isang classic horror movie na napanood ko nun bata pa ako and i remember na hirap akong makatulog nun after watching this film.

9. saw - isang napakadugong film dahil sobrang daming blood ang makikita mo dito sa bawat scene, gory!! this film is about the serial killer na laging tinetest ang kanyang victim to survive his traps and in turn teach him a lesson daw.

list to be populated, promise :D

Saturday, September 18, 2010

25 years and counting...

now on my 25 years of existence, i never had any major major problem that is why im thankful to all those who became part of me because without you all, im not here. thank you thank you very much..

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

fave animated film

here's my fave cartoons/animated movies..

1. shrek - a wacky comedy about an ogre and those fairytale characters behaving untraditionally like they weren't supposed to.

2. up - a widowed old man travels to south america using only his house flied by a lot of balloons, as in numerous balloons, without knowing that the cute and annoying russel is at the porch.

3. monster inc. - monsters in the closet that gets their kicks from children's scream.

4. finding nemo - a clown fish on a quest to search for his son that was taken away by divers. with dory, a fish with a short term memory loss, they embark on a journey filled with fun, adventure and lesson to find nemo.

5. tom and jerry the movie - my fave tv cartoon comes to the movie screen they both talked. these two enemies bond together and creates a friendship they never knew would happened.

6. spongebob the movie - another tv cartoon fave that was made into film, this follows the adventure of the wacky duo.

7. toy story - toys come to life when the their owner's are not around..

list to be populated, promise :D

Saturday, September 11, 2010

fave action movie

and the list continues on. here are my fave action films..

1. black hawk down - a war film with an all star cast. set on the middle east, a group of soldiers were assigned to rescue a helicopter shot down by rebels.

2. the fast and the furious - car race that will have you fasten to your seats, one hell of an adrenaline rush. stars vin diesel, paul walker, and michelle rodriguez (ang pinaka astig na actress para sa akin)

3. bourne identity - a spy/agent film packed with imposible moves, great storyline and matt walhberg as jason bourne, this will movie will keep you guessing who and what bourne really is.

4. matrix - a scifi film full of heavy action and fight scenes, great special effects, and awesome cast. at first, i really did not understand the film and i need to watch it all over again, ganun yata kalalim ang story nito para sa akin dahil sobrang wild ang imagination ng mga nakaisip nito.

5. minority report - another scifi action film which stars tom cruise in a world kung saan mahuhuli ka kaagad bago mo pa gawin ang krimen, astig!

6. mission imposible - one classic spy/agent film which stars

7. mr. and mrs. smith - brad pitt and angelina jolie, who want to ask for more

8. james bond - a classic spy agent movie kung saan ay madami na ang gumanap sa lead role and my fave james bond actor is pierce brosnan.

list to be populated. promise :D

Thursday, September 9, 2010

tamang inom: central bbq

time out muna sa paglilista at gimik time na..last night ay nagkayayaan para icheck out ang isang place na mura daw ang inumin pati na ang food at tiyak na gagapang ka pauwi sa sobrang lasing. sounds intriguing, kaya naman after work ay nagtungo kami sa nasabing lugar.

located at madison square pioneer mandaluyong, wala ni isa sa amin ang may alam nun kaya naman ay nagtaxi na lang kami from our office (rockwell ortigas) to the said place. this took us 55php lang dahil sa boni station ng mrt lang pala malapit.

ok naman ang place, nasa dulong part nh madison square ang central bbq bar at medyo tago dahil ginagawa pa ang katabing lugar nito. open space ang lugar at nasa isang malaking tent lang yata un na candlelight lang which makes it dim na sawak lang sa informal inuman ambiance. malaki naman ang place at maraming table kaya hinding hindi kayo mawawalan ng pwesto.

dahil sa nakakacurious nilang description sa mga coctail drinks nila ay napagkasunduang no beer kami. sakto namang meron silang 2 plus 1 promo for the same price range lang. 180php ang isang pitcher at hindi sa pitcher nakalagay ang inumin kundi sa isang plastic bottle na parang jug pangbaon sa school, cool! we first order 2 squeeze me at 1 badboy. naging fave ko agad ang squeeze me, isang blue colored frozen cocktail na parang isa sa mga flavor ng koolaid, sarap na parang juice. para sa pulutan, hotdog worth 25php at masarap nga dahil grilled ang pagkakaluto. meron din sisig na fave nang combination ng alak, mojos with dip na mala large cut french fries, and their own version of streetfoods, ang isaw at ang buttman (chicken ass). we also tried their other signature drinks namely badgirl, surferboy, soco (isang choco base cocktail na parang mudshake, sarap), at ang nakapagpatumba sa amin, ang badtrip (isang traidor na inumin dahil masarap naman ang lasa kaso nasa huli ang tama). better try it to see what i mean.

total bill: 1,7++ php worth of 12 pitcher ng iba't ibang drinks, 5 sets ng pulutan, at walang humpay na saya at amats. i think i lost count of the actual number ng alak at pagkain. highly recommended for those who want to be wasted pero nagtitipid.

check out their menu at ang nakatuwang description ng kanilang drinks from this link: 

their website:

Monday, September 6, 2010

fave romantic comedy/ lovestory

i admit, i also watch those cheesy movies, the type that you would watch with your special someone and cuddle up inside the movie house. 
so here's the second listing, the top romantic comedy and chessy love story movies...

1. 50 first dates - the second movie tandem of adam sandler and drew barrymore, a woman with short term memory loss due to an accident and the boyfriend that makes her fall each day.

2. city of angels - an all-time favorite classic. nicholas cage, an angel who fell in love with a mortal and decides to become human to be with meg ryan. i also love the soundtrack of this film, iris by goo goo dolls.

3. 500 days of summer - at first i thought that summer is the setting of this movie but its in fact the name of the lead female role who then falls in love and out of it with tom. i love the way that the scenes are presented on a non-chronological format that will keep you guessing what is next or why did that happened. here's the famous line from that film which really is a heart-breaker, i woke up one morning and i just knew. knew what? what i was never sure of with you. 

4. serendipity - fate/destiny binds two people together is what this film wants to implies. a must watched movie for those who are desperately looking for the right one :D

5. valentine's day (2010) - pack with an all star cast, this film tackles on relationships, break-ups, falling in love, falling out of love, true love, and all things that has the word love and that came with love.

6. music and lyrics - hugh grant and drew barrymore team up to compose a hit song and they ended up falling in love with each other. with the cheesy love song, way back into love, this movie is for those cuddling-up moments :)

7. my bestfriend's wedding - an all-time favorite classic. my mother was a julia roberts fan and watching this film with her made me a julia robert fan as well. the film is about falling in love with your bestfriend who is going to marry someone.

8. letters to juliet - inspired by the play romeo and julie, with a romatic setting of verona and parts of Italy, this film is about finding true love and knowing "what if".

list to be populated once i remember those films that i watched and loved :D

Saturday, September 4, 2010

fave slasher movie

since wala nanaman akong maiisip na topic at its been quite a while since my last blog, i needed something para makasurvive ang bloggingpuyat..
and here's what i came up with. dahil mahilig ako sa movies at isa akong couch potato, i will run down my favorite movies na napanood ko so far. here's the first list... 

fave horror/slasher movies 

1. the texas chainsaw massacre (2003) - huge disfigured killer, chainsaw, insane cannibal family,  creepy torture basement, screaming teenager, plus jessica biel equals a great slasher movie. watch it to find out what i'm saying :D

2. scream - isang movie tungkol sa buhay ni sidney at ang psycho serial killer na laging puno ng twist kung sino ba talaga ang nakamaskara. with an all-star cast and cameo roles, this film really brings out the scream in you.

3. i know what you did last summer - ang killer fisherman na nagre-revenge sa pagkamatay ng kanyang anak dahil sa roadtrip ng magbabarkada (tama ba ang synopsis ko?). basta its filled with suspense chase of the killer and its victims.

4. house of wax -  a group of teenager trapped in a ghost town that host a house of wax and two murderous brothers that turns their victims into wax figures. this films stars elisha cuthbert and chad micheal murray.

5. halloween - with micheal myers, the mentally psychotic killer, who could have ask for more

6. nightmare on elm street - freddy krueger, the most scariest of all and one of my most fave antagonist. isang disfigured dream stalker na gamit lang ay razor blades sa kamay para patayin ang mga natutulog sa panaginip.

7. scream 2 - following the popularity of the first film, the sequel is pack with more suspense, twist and of course, blood and screams.

8. freddy vs. jason - ang showdown ng dalawang sa pinaka-terrifying slasher icons, the razor versus the blade.

9. psycho - a psychotic killer running an old motel where his victims checks in

10. urban legends - a group of teenagers die exactly like the urban legends

...and the list goes on and on. i'll just edit this post once i remember those movies that made me scream literally :D