Monday, September 6, 2010

fave romantic comedy/ lovestory

i admit, i also watch those cheesy movies, the type that you would watch with your special someone and cuddle up inside the movie house. 
so here's the second listing, the top romantic comedy and chessy love story movies...

1. 50 first dates - the second movie tandem of adam sandler and drew barrymore, a woman with short term memory loss due to an accident and the boyfriend that makes her fall each day.

2. city of angels - an all-time favorite classic. nicholas cage, an angel who fell in love with a mortal and decides to become human to be with meg ryan. i also love the soundtrack of this film, iris by goo goo dolls.

3. 500 days of summer - at first i thought that summer is the setting of this movie but its in fact the name of the lead female role who then falls in love and out of it with tom. i love the way that the scenes are presented on a non-chronological format that will keep you guessing what is next or why did that happened. here's the famous line from that film which really is a heart-breaker, i woke up one morning and i just knew. knew what? what i was never sure of with you. 

4. serendipity - fate/destiny binds two people together is what this film wants to implies. a must watched movie for those who are desperately looking for the right one :D

5. valentine's day (2010) - pack with an all star cast, this film tackles on relationships, break-ups, falling in love, falling out of love, true love, and all things that has the word love and that came with love.

6. music and lyrics - hugh grant and drew barrymore team up to compose a hit song and they ended up falling in love with each other. with the cheesy love song, way back into love, this movie is for those cuddling-up moments :)

7. my bestfriend's wedding - an all-time favorite classic. my mother was a julia roberts fan and watching this film with her made me a julia robert fan as well. the film is about falling in love with your bestfriend who is going to marry someone.

8. letters to juliet - inspired by the play romeo and julie, with a romatic setting of verona and parts of Italy, this film is about finding true love and knowing "what if".

list to be populated once i remember those films that i watched and loved :D

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