Tuesday, September 14, 2010

fave animated film

here's my fave cartoons/animated movies..

1. shrek - a wacky comedy about an ogre and those fairytale characters behaving untraditionally like they weren't supposed to.

2. up - a widowed old man travels to south america using only his house flied by a lot of balloons, as in numerous balloons, without knowing that the cute and annoying russel is at the porch.

3. monster inc. - monsters in the closet that gets their kicks from children's scream.

4. finding nemo - a clown fish on a quest to search for his son that was taken away by divers. with dory, a fish with a short term memory loss, they embark on a journey filled with fun, adventure and lesson to find nemo.

5. tom and jerry the movie - my fave tv cartoon comes to the movie screen they both talked. these two enemies bond together and creates a friendship they never knew would happened.

6. spongebob the movie - another tv cartoon fave that was made into film, this follows the adventure of the wacky duo.

7. toy story - toys come to life when the their owner's are not around..

list to be populated, promise :D

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