Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Angels and Demons

I had this dilemma of reading the book first before watching its film adaptation or the movie first before the book. We all know Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code and when it hit the market a few years back, I first read the book before watching the movie and the film is quite good than the book.

So I was hoping for the same effect on its second installment which is actually its prequel, Angels and Demon. It took me a year to actually finished the book (that is why I am only making this post now) because I was preoccupied in juggling different matters and endure the temptation of not watching the movie when everyone else already saw it, only to be disappointed. The film did not give that much justice to the book, believe me.

There are lot of differences between the two. Certain characters were not present or they were change to a different one. Also, the storyline differs to somehow fit the entire book into a 2-hour or more film. Its much better to read the book first before watching the movie. But both, movie and book, gives the same fast-paced, heart-pounding mystery equipped with conspiracy theories and the 'science versus religion clash' that will keep you awed and interested until the very end. That's the Dan Brown bestseller.

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  1. I like the book, nabasa ko na ito bago ko pa ipalabas ang film. Sa pagkakatanda ko, hindi ko tinapos ang film dahil alam ko na ang mangyayari hahahaha....

  2. This is the 1st pocketbook I finished. Seriously. Brings back memories of my Junior year bilang nursing student. :D how time flies.... and I agree, the book is so much powerful than the movie.

  3. ako tamad magbasa ng mga book na ganyan kaya manonood na lang ako.

  4. di ko nabasa ang book na da vinci code at angels and demons. hehehe. kaya di ko din nipanood yung movies

  5. me libro ako nito binigay sa akin ng kaopisina ko pero hanggang ngayon di ko pa rin nababasa. :D

  6. mas una kong pinanood nag movies tapos binasa ang libro. tama, may mga characters na hindi sinama sa pelikula. pero kumusta naman ang viewing time kung iniclude db? :D

  7. @mark- iba pa din ending nung movie kesa sa book pero pareho pa din un takbo ng story e.

    @ron- nursing grad ka pala.. mas powerful talaga yung book kaso may ebooks na.

    @diamond- un ibang book na may film adaptation pinapanood ko na lang din, ang kakapal kasi sa book e.

  8. @khanto- pampalipas oras din yan book, try mo. hehe..

    @artiemous- napanood mo na un movie? basahin mo muna un book :)

    @nieco- mahirap nga naman pagkasyahin ang isang book sa 2-hour movie. yung harry potter nga ginawang 2-part pero hindi ko na binasa un book nun.