Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thor and Fast Five

thursday is THORsday

i was hesitant to watch thor on the big screen because of the bad reviews that I read about it and the "Ok lang" comments of my friends who already watched it. last thursday, right after my shift, my officemates decided that its thorsday and since its the end of my work week, i did tag along which has almost been a ritual na gumala tuwing katapusan ng work week ko. so here's m
y take on thor.

movie plot. thor see
ms to be an alien (what i recall is that he is a norse god) because he lives on outer space which is not really a planet but as what he calls it, a realm. the first part of the film shows the life of thor, where he came from, where he live, his family and friends, and all stuff about him as well as their long time enemy. he was then banished to earth in where he falls in love with jane played by natalie portman, an astrologer (yata) or a scientist. then story progress on and ends (watch the movie para ma-enjoy ninyo din).

my two cents. this movie already got me at its superb special effects/graphics/animation. solb ka na sa ganda ng mga shots dito specially the asgard which makes it a really nice place to live in. also, beware of the makabasag-eardrum sound effects pag hinahampas ni thor ang kanyang hammer. they said that the movie concentrated on the love story of thor but it wasn't till half of the movie when their love story was presented, the first half was all about thor's origin. on with the actors. i never really know who chris hemsworth is because i haven't seen him in any movie or tv series but he was good in being a god. it suits him well as well as the other soldier friends of his. did really laugh hard at "we have xena, jackie chan and robin hood" line. also, i never knew that hannibal lecter (anthony hopkins) can also be a supreme god. he did fit the wise old supreme leader, odin. natalie portman also looks good as the damsel in distress leading lady. overall the movie was great and i would rate it as 9 out of 10.
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fast 5 saturday

adrenaline rush, action packed scenes, wild car chase and an all star cast. this it what the fast five movie is al
l about.

movie plot. i really wasn't paying attention to the story but here how i think it goes. brian (paul walker) and mia (jordana brewster) were hired to carjack a train (may word bang "trainjack" kasi they steal the car from the train) wherein they met dom (vin diesel) and the plan took a different turn. feds were killed and the three were the prime suspect. they had been wanted by dwayne johnson, an fbi agent who is also the head of an elite group. it was then revealed that the cars owner is reyes who is a big drug lord in rio. dom organize a crew to steal reyes' money to get back at him and the story goes on. watch it also on the big screen to get your adrenaline pumping :D

my two cents. another 'fast and the furious' franchise that never lets you down. it literally let me hold on to my seat during the train scene, awesome! also, putting back the cast from all 4 previous franchise was great. i do wish i have a crew like that wherein stealing is a piece of cake, hehe.. if you are an adrenaline junkie or those who are obsessed over cars or just wanted to see a great action movie, then this ones for you. overall, i'll give it 9 out of 10 also.
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  1. heheheh. Tho sa thorsday. kaw na ang mahilig manood ng movie, nakadalawa kang review.

    Masaya kaya ang scream4? ahihihh yun balak ko panoorin

  2. si stan lee yung nagdadrive ng pickup truck na humihila sa mjolnir

  3. @khanto- balak ko din panoorin un scream4 pero i recommend un fast 5 na lang.hehehe

    @spiderham- siya pala un. panoorin ko nga ulet, sa dvd na lang

  4. plano ko panoorin un Thor.. sabi kc nun iba maganda daw eh.. nakakacurious tuloy..

  5. @geps- maganda nga naman.sabayan mo na din ng fast 5

    @spderham- meron na ba sa dnd nito?

  6. pangit yung Thor walang magulo yung storya sayang ticket namin.

  7. @vin- hindi ko din masyadong gusto un story pero naastigan ako sa mga effects at graphics

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