Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Manor Hotel

tuesday, april 26

my family decided to spend the day (and the night since they plan to check out the next day) at the manor hotel in pasay kaya naman diresto ako dito right after my shift. its just that my ate recently arrive and they wanted to go out kaya naman naisipan na lang icelebrate ang "welcome back party" para sa kanya. naisip ko nga na they just want to take advantage of the hotel's facilities specially their swimming pool to beat the summer heat, hehe..
note: ito ang araw kung saan naitala ang pinakamaiinit na temperature sa manila
its my second time at the manor hotel and the first was during the birthday of my cousin.
the room rate was about 8-10K range (im not really sure on the exact amount dahil sila nman ang nag-aya kaya sagot nila ako) for an overnight stay but we have it for almost half (baka 1/3 na lang nga) of the price since we knew someone from the inside (hi pinsan).
its a two-story suite whereas the first floor serves as the living room and dining room as well
complete with kitchen counter and ref (just beside the ref is comfort room)
two queen size beds on the second floor

the best part: jacuzzi
masarap magbababad sa beach lalo na't summer ngayon ngunit malalayo ang mga ito sa manila at kasalukuyang umaapaw sa dami ng tao ang mga ito, swimming pools ang karaniwang alternative ng mga pinoy at mayroon nito ang manor hotel.
the outdoor pool that reaches 5 and a half feet ang lalim, kiddie pool section is on the right side
the bar at the pool's entrance
the second floor dining area where they serve the breakfast buffet which is included in the suite package, breakfast for two :D
i did google them up to know to more about this hotel and found out that we stayed at the balikbayan suite. below are the suite details:
. 54 sq.m.
. Swimming pool and garden view
. Ground floor living room
. 2nd floor Masters Bedroom with 2 Queen Sized Beds
. Sofa bed
. Rain shower
. Jacuzzi
. Kitchenette
. 5 cu.ft. refrigerator
. Microwave oven
. 2 TV sets
. One way airport transfer
. Inclusive of buffet breakfast for 2
. 10% discount at Sutukil Restaurant

check out their website at:


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  3. ayos ang solusyon mo para mabeat ang summer heat, sama mo naman kami minsan.. :)

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