Monday, April 11, 2011

Source Code

"what would you do if you have a few minutes to live?"
"i would make the most out of it." 

those were the lines that struck me most in the movie, source code, another sci-fi movie that i recommend if you want a little brain exercise as you figure out the story of this film, how was it possible and what the hell is this movie about.

movie plot:
the movie starts with jake gyllenhaal, who plays the lead actor colter stevens, waking up on a train not knowing who's he with or what he's doing there. as he tries to find out what is going on, a bomb exploded that kills him and everyone on the train. he then wakes up on an enclosed space with a little monitor showing a lady in uniform (goodwin played by vera farmiga) telling him to breath and be calm. once he's stabilize, goodwin ask what happened on the bus and did he find the bomb and the bomber. then came the realization that he is on a mission to find the bomb as well as the bomber on that recent train explosion which is a first of a series of bombing so as to stop the next explosion from blowing off. this was made possible by 'souce code' which is a program design by dr. rutledge that enables a man to relieve the last 8 minutes of a dead person by connecting blah blah blah (*science stuff*) which really makes it look possible in the near future, i hope so. this means that stevens is dead and he is only accessing sean's last 8 minutes of memory before he died in the train explosion.

my take on the film: 
another mind-boggling film that will keep your brain cells busy in processing details on what really is happening on this film. i never had been this clueless since the inception movie. special effects and graphics are great as usual and actors play their part well. been a fan of jake gyllenhaal since the bubble boy and thought he's a great comedy actor but he does this action/suspense film well. kudos to the whole crew for this film.

best watched after taking board exams or final quizzes (to forget all those crazy questions that you answered blank) :D

note: movie poster taken here


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    ahh, BASE! :D

  2. Kudos! Paying it forward ahaha. A must see movie ba ito kasi di ko pa napapanood at mukhang pangdownload level lang ang keri ng kionabels ko ahaha. Great movie review!

  3. tnx whattaqueso. panoorin mo to.must see nakabase ka pa tlga :D

    tnx din silentpal. anong kionabels?? wag mo ng abangan sa DND to. panoorin mo na agad.a must-see movie tlga :D