Sunday, May 2, 2010


Puyat sa kakapanood ng movie..
April 30, unang showing day ng "Iron man 2" sa mga sinehan dito sa pinas kaya minarapat namin panoorin ito agad dahil isa ito sa pinakaabangang movie ko. As usual, puno nanaman ang malls dahil natapat pa ito sa Friday at payday pa. Talaga namang pinipilahan ang iron man.

The movie started with how Iron man bought peace worldwide making him popular and is proven when Tony Stark opens the Stark Expo, ang scene kung saan parang noontime show na may nagsasayawang babae. The US government wants the iron man suit for their own military use but Tony refuses having his rival Justin Hammer (who tries on recreating an iron man suit but fails) being humiliated on a Senate hearing. The arc reactor that Tony use to keep his heart beating is poisoning him due to its palladium content. Having done everything he could, Tony can't find a replacement and it slowly kills him. With that in mind, he made Pepper Potts the CEO of Stark Industries. This results in hiring Natalie Rushman who is played by Scarlett Johansson (kailangan ko siyang banggitin dahil ang ganda niya mula pa nun The Island). In a car race in Monaco, Tony came face-to-face with Ivan Vanko who created his own reactor improved with an electrical whip that cuts everything like a laser (astig! I also want one) but he was of course, defeated by iron man. Ivan is the son of Anton Vanko who collaborated with Tony's father, Howard Stark in designing the first arc reactor. With this incident, Hammer helps Vanko escape from prison so that he can create his own drones with Vanko's help but on one condition, "I want my burd!" as Ivan said referring to his pet bird in Russia.
And the movie continues on, ayoko na magkuwento, panoorin nyo na lang sa sine.

This sequel was even better than the first! Sobrang nagustuhan ko talaga at gusto ko pang ulitin on 3D, regular movie lang kasi yung pinanood namin and I think its better viewed on 3D. I really like the car race scene where Vanko slashed the racing cars, galing ng effects. And also the scene where Iron Man and War Machine are fighting the drones controlled by Vanko. Its pack with amazing fight scenes including Scarlett's moves as she disarmed guards and knocked them out in Hammer's facility, ang ganda niya talaga with that black tight-fitting suit (*drools*). The movie lasts for 2 hours pero hindi ko namalayan na ganoon pala kahaba ito dahil nabitin pa ako. In short, nag-enjoy akong kakapanood na hindi namalayan ang oras. It really is a fun movie because of the humors lalo na kapag si Robert Downey Jr. ang nagbitiw, tipong seryoso pero nagpapatawa na pala. Magaling din ang pagkakaportray ni Mickey Rourke as the villain na parang hippie-rockstar dahil sa buhok na me highlights at pulubi dahil sa maduming kuko. Don Cheadle replaces Terrence Howard from the first film as James Rhodes. I would say that its better to put Terrence back, not that I'm not impressed on how Cheadle acts but the role fits Terrence perfectly than Cheadle. At the end, sulit naman ang binayad mo sa ticket at uuwi kang nakasmile :)

My take on this: overall, the movie was great and it surpassed the first one. Kudos to IRON MAN 2! Two thumbs up!

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