Saturday, October 2, 2010

fave comedy films

laugh-out riot, silly jokes, funny punchlines, great actors.. who doesn't want to have a dose of laughter? for they say, laughter is the best medicine :D

1. scary movie - a parody on all popular horror movies which stars anna faris

2. american pie - a naughty comedy film about losing one's virginity and all things about sex

3.  grown ups - a film about friends, adam sandler, kevin james, chris rock, david spade and rob schneider, reunited together for the funeral of their beloved coach

4. diary of a wimpy kid - a movie about getting popular during junior high

5. freaky friday - lindsay lohan and jamie lee curtis switched bodies in this comedy film about being on somebody's shoes literally

6. the hangover - spending a night in Vegas for a bachelor party that they will never forget, but it fact, they woke up the next morning clueless on what happened last night

7. liar liar - stars the hilarious jim carrey, this movie will definitely tickle your funny bone

8. bruce almighty - another jim carrey hit where he was given the power of GOD and be like a GOD for a day

list to be populated, promise :D

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